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With its rich cultural heritage and contemporary outlook, Malaysia is superbly placed to offer European standard education in an Asian context.  Bestriding the divide between history and modernity, Malaysia also stands at the cultural crossroads of East and West, a unique position that perfectly aligns with the future demands of a globalised world.
The Malaysian Government has long recognised this global advantage and has set as national priority the continued evolution of Higher Education.  The 2010 10th Malaysia Plan stipulated the development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for both the development of national human capital and Malaysia as a centre of educational excellence for international students.  This primary Government initiative has achieved much success in recent years with the establishment of international standard educational and world class teaching staff.
To top it all, this world leading infrastructure and educational standard have the additional benefit of being situated in low-cost-based Malaysia, where both the reduced cost of providing the course and the low cost of living allow for you to achieve world class university education at a cost considerably less than that of comparable European countries.  Malaysia probably provides the best value-for-money education in the world.
Due to Malaysia’s unique history, students of comparative religion can witness Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all of the great religions, being openly and actively lived in harmony with each other. Students of law see Shariah law being seamlessly implemented alongside secular law and of course, linguists and polyglots can immerse themselves in a world of languages.  Malaysia offers not only academic theory, but applied experience, a living laboratory.
Many Colleges and Universities of all types also provide the opportunity for students to carry out internships in other countries as part of their course offer.  These internships are often for one academic year. One is advised to check the individual sites for more specific information.
The Government’s vision to transform Malaysia into an international educational and training centre also embraces life after Colleague or University and the wider economy.  This vision has become reality in infrastructure projects such as Multimedia Super Corridor, a world leading collection of centres of excellence, supported by physical and ITC infrastructure of world leading capability.  Granted special development zone status, these new towns and technology parks have produced leading edge companies and technologies at the forefront of innovation and are now driving Malaysia’s rapid economic development.
This has given rise to a culture of entrepreneurship and continuing professional development.  Indeed, there is a considerable cross-over of these entrepreneurs bringing their business acumen to universities as part-time lecturers and in return, Malaysian certified skills professionals often work in these progressive companies, leading R&D programmes and applying theory, a symbiotic relationship that is admired by other countries.  This special relationship, whereby industry is able to articulate its needs for a super-skilled workforce, ensures that Malaysia has become a leading centre for Professional Qualifications and Continued Professional Development, the key component in ensuring a successful professional career.  So whether you wish to pursue excellence in education or in your professional career, Malaysia is the cost effective teaching centre for you.