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Training is indeed a collaborative endeavour and each of us can contribute towards making it a success in our own way. It is our hope that more people will become aware of the need for more skills training and development and that they will be able to obtain invaluable information from this Guidebook.

Dato'Saripuddin Kasim
Secretary General, Ministry of Human Resources

Look beyond the traditional mindset and immerse in the opportunities that are made available by the Government JUST FOR YOU. We never had it before. Don’t miss the boat.

We develop world-class instructors who are knowledgeable, competent, disciplined and responsive to environmental changes and technology

Suimi Bin Abd Majid
Director, Centre for Instructor & Advanced Skills Training (CIAST) 
Puan Chin Phaik Yoong
Director General, Manpower Department

JTM is ever-willing to respond to the needs of the industries as we hope to aspire and develop our trainees to be among worldclass workforce, one that is resilient, productive and innovative.

By understanding their training needs, we offer modular courses nationwide through our network of industrial training institutes all over the country. In addition, we also offer customised trainings for industries that need tailor made skills trainings for their employees.

With the current establishment of 32 public skills training institutes and an expansion of 3 more in the coming years, intake for the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) fulltime courses offered to SPM leavers is expected to increase to meet the industry’s requirements.

Encik Abdul Malik Bin Adam
Chief Executive
Skills Development Fund Corporation

With adequate disbursement of funding for skills training, we hope to produce a skilled workforce that meets industry needs. We also manage the registration of training providers to enable them to work more efficiently.

JobsMalaysia is a major employment hub which caters for both the private and public sectors, it serves as a platform for all employers to inform the public of job vacancies and recruit those who meet their requirements. Thousands of local workers have been employed or re-employed through various mechanisms provided by the ministry. Job-seekers are encouraged to register with JobsMalaysia to be selected for the training and job-matching services

Encik'Jeffry Bin Joakim
Director General, Labour Department

Employers should not see training as an expense to the company. ROI on training is intangible but visible from various dimensions; higher turnover, increase in market share and profitability, lower reject rate, reduce operational cost etc. Continuous training will equip workers with the required knowledge, skills and capabilities to improve their competencies and deliverables for company’s overall performance.

En. Amirnuddin Bin Mazlan
Chief Executive, HRDF