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Malaysia is a country of contrasts and diversity where tradition and modernity are blended with a population and heritage drawn from every corner of the world.  Malaysia is a unique melting pot where friends of Malay, Chinese and Indian ancestry will chat in a mix of languages over an Italian pizza cooked in a Lebanese restaurant.  Possibly an English football match will be playing on the restaurant’s tv as the conversation flows from Bollywood movies to local beaches, but certainly, the mix of cultures, religions, languages and world views will stimulate, educate and broaden the experience of any visitor.
A commercial and cultural gateway to Asia, of all South-East Asian countries, Malaysia probably has the longest, most extensive and most integrated history with European nations.  Early periods of Dutch and Portuguese influence gave way to a significant and lasting symbiotic relationship with Britain.  Over the past two hundred years, Malaysia and Britain have developed complimentary and compatible legal, political, educational and health care systems, enabling Malaysia to fully exploit the richness of European history and markets.
As diverse as the peoples and history, linguists will marvel as Bahasa Malaysia and English function as the shared languages, with both spoken fluently and ubiquitously throughout the country.  Bahasa Malaysia, which is very similar to Bahasa Indonesia, is utilised for Governmental activities, English for commerce, but many other mother tongue languages are retained for use within their own communities;  Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia, Jawi and Persian, and of course, every Asian nation is well represented, with communities from Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand and The Philippines.
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With every language comes food and it is food more than anything else that is the fabric upon which the tapestry of Malaysian society is woven.  With each community offering their traditional styles and flavours, the competition encourages the best and the fusion of styles brings exotic new dishes that make Malaysia world renowned for culinary excellence.
Thirty kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, regional home to Multi-National Corporations such as Intel, Microsoft and BMW, the metropolis gives way to virgin rainforest, millennia old home to elephants, tigers and orang utans.  In the dense jungles of mountainous central Malaysia and the vast expanses of remote East Malaysia, indigenous tribes still maintain a hunter-gatherer existence, living in harmony with nature as they have done for many thousands of years.  Cruising gently on a long boat through the in-land waterways enriches the visitor with a disappearing glimpse into our pre-historic past.
After the cultural polarities of modern metropolis and ancient jungles, Malaysia offers world best relaxation at one of the many beaches, either at a mainland coastal resort or an idyllic, tropical paradise island, from six star luxury to a backpacker’s tent, all tastes and budgets are catered for in a climate that never exceeds 35°C nor falls below 24°C, perfect everyday of the year for the beach and outside dining at night, Malaysia, where the best of the world comes together.