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The government seeks to empower and mainstream the range of skills in this country in order to achieve the target of 50 per cent highly skilled workers by 2020. To achieve this, the Public Service Department (PSD) had recognised and approved 13 schemes of services for skilled positions submitted by the Human Resource Ministry.
The 13 skilled positions are Draughtsman, Make-up artist, Motor vehicle inspector, Photographer, Musician, Handicraft-making instructor, Assistant training officer, Computer technician, Fisheries assistant, Land scheme supervisor, Vocational training assistant officer, Audiovisual expert and Boutique supervisor.
The graduates of skills training centres could now work in the public sector with the recognition given to the list of selected skills. With this scheme of service available, those skilled workers who have been working in the private sector or are self-employed can now work in the public sector.”
An Announcement by Deputy Human Resource Minister
YB Datuk Sri Hj Ismail Bin Hj Abd. Muttalib
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Human Resources